Myriad Lands is now for sale

Myriad Lands, the anthology in which my story “A Pebble in the Mountains” appears, is now available on Amazon. Look at this gorgeous cover by the artist Likhain. I think it really captures the spirit of the book.

Myriad Lands


The idea for this anthology was to showcase fantasy stories set in places outside the genre’s usual European milieu. The description on Amazon says we can look forward to the following tales:

  • A Chinese ex-soldier is confronted by the ghost of a young man he killed in battle.
  • African gods roam modern Britain following an immigrant family.
  •  A blind Japanese girl journeys through the woods to tend her grandparents’ grave and encounters a nefarious fox spirit.
  •  How does an Indian noble girl learn to cope after becoming untouchable?
  • A Nigerian boy catches a magical fish the local magicians would love to eat. But is it worth more to him alive?

And finally…

  •  A girl from the Caucasus mountains is set to marry a young man from the valley, when an invasion of Cyclopses interrupts the wedding.

That’s “Pebble”!

Volume Two sounds like it’s going to be fun as well. The stories in that one are set in worlds that never existed. I particularly want to read the one that’s blurbed as “An investigator tries to decipher the message from assassins who use very aggressive flower arranging.”

On the western side of the Atlantic, the official launch party for both volumes will be on Friday night at Readercon in Boston. If you’re in the neighbourhood, you should check it out.

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