To the Havens

“To the Havens,” my very first published story, is now live at Flash Fiction Online! Check it out: it’s a dystopian science fiction/fantasy/police procedural/Can lit/Christmas tale. I wonder if there’s a record for squeezing the most genres into one flash piece?


5 thoughts on “To the Havens

  1. Given the dystopian setting, I think Canadian toy-makers probably wouldn’t recognize the elves’ foreign toy-making credentials. I suspect that the wee folk may have to fall back on their traditional shoe repair skills while they quietly plot regime change.

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  2. Loved where you went with this. I didn’t catch the ‘Missed one’ thing until second read. I just read it aloud to my sixteen year old and we both enjoyed it. I like how you’re taking the idea of elves seriously and following some of the ramifications.


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